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How many times have you tried to find ways to use this verb, but ended looking for a more familiar way of saying what you wanted? How many times have teachers corrected you when you said: “Obtained my degree” or “Arrived home”?

This is what you have been waiting for! This verb should become your go-to verb to make you sound more like an English speaker than an English Student! Ok, let’s ‘get’ busy…Got it?

Download the poster and start sounding better!

How about a new notebook to start recording your ideas from your English Class?

Find here a beautifully made notebook where you will be able to record your thoughts, ideas, new vocabulary, and goals. You can download it and print it or keep it in your drive. I hope you like it!

How about a motivational poster to remind you of how important it is to study a little bit of English today to enjoy the benefits tomorrow!

There are many doubts about how to use the verbs “to do” and “to make”. Here we start a 2 poster combo to point out the main differences between these verbs. Part 1: to do