Workshop Seminar EnglishSo, we’re wrapping up the year with a new Current Events workshop where we will be discussing meaningful issues of 2021 (I have purposely avoided COVID-19) as one of the relevant topics.

We will meet to debate and share points of view by means of breakout rooms, plenary sessions and hopefully by the end we will have learned about other people’s ideas.

Finally, the idea as usual is to practice English, have a good time and meet with other members of this community.

I hope you can join us!





November 9th ::Freedom of Press:: 6pm (GMT -3) $500 ARS

November 23rd ::Conspiracy In The News:: 6pm (GMT -3) $500 ARS

December 7th ::The Future of Work:: 6pm (GMT -3) $500 ARS

December 21st ::The Pandora Papers:: 6pm (GMT -3) $500 ARS

You can get all Seminars on sale 1 free $1500 ARS